A flight planning lounge is supplied at the airport terminal building.  AvGas 100LL and Jet A are available from the re-fueling pump area on the ramp.  AvFuel is our supplier and credit cards are accepted. 

Single point jet a refueling can be arranged in advance thru our R7 5,000 gallon re-fueler truck at Norm Hill Aviation in cooperation with the Cal City Airport.  Runway lighting is available from just before sunset to just past dawn by VHF mic.


Any person storing an aircraft on City owned property at the California City Municipal Airport shall pay a daily tie-down fee of $5.00 for all aircraft or the following monthly tie-down fee to the City:

(a) For single engine aircraft - $25.00
(b) For multi-engine aircraft:
(1) Light twin - $35.00
(2) Medium twin - $45.00
(3) Heavy twin - $55.00
(c) For gliders stored off the ramp in a container - $25.00
(d) For gliders stored on the ramp - $40.00

Airport Services

Fuel Available: 100LL 80 JET-A

Parking: Tiedowns

Airframe Service: MINOR

Powerplant service: MINOR

Bottled Oxygen: Low


Airport Communications


WX AWOS-1: 120.875



WX AWOS-3 at MHV (9 nm SW): 132.225